AG娱乐集团(TAIHE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP,AG)是一家持续打造精品,用数据与技术提升影视产业链的新型娱乐机构。

TAIHE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (AG) is an innovative entertainment organization dedicated to improving the industrial chain of movie and television with data and technology. 



Since its establishment, AG has been making efforts to “assist excellent directors” and strengthen its advantage of “Works of Excellence.”We boast of a hundred-strong portfolio that includes works such as A World Without Thieves, The Sun Also Rises, Sophies Revenge, One Mile Above, Warcraft, Let's Get Married, Kaili Blues, Kung Fu Yoga, Forever Young, Wrath Of Silence, and so on.


AG娱乐集团是国内外电影片商首选的宣发服务商之一,旗下发行品牌合瑞影业依托数据和智能计算优势,线上线下联动提供宣发服务,主发行项目包括《功夫瑜伽》、《无问西东》、《看不见的客人》、《二代妖精》,联合发行项目《战狼2》、《芳华》、《红海行动》; 子品牌糖果影业服务于口碑电影和文艺片,服务项目包括《三块广告牌》、《路边野餐》、《至爱梵高》、《提着心吊着胆》;子品牌蜜蜂影服以业内首家创新的线上下互动的平台发行模式,年服务影片超过50部,合作影院超过1千家,合作发行机构超过20家。

AG is one of the first preferred service providers for advertising and publishing at home and abroad. Its sub-brand, HERO FIlm, taking advantage of its data and intelligent computing technology, provides both online and offline promotion services. Its major projects include Kung Fu Yoga, Forever Young, The Invisible Guest, Hanson and the Beast, and its jointly released works include Wolf Warriors Ⅱ, Youth and Operation Red Sea. Its sub-brand Candy Picture focuses on high-quality and arthouse films like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Kaili Blues, Loving Vincent, Absurd Accident, and so on. Its other sub-brand Bees Film innovates its distribution mode with an interactive platform, combining both online and offline service. It has cooperated with more than 1000 cinemas and launched films jointly with more than 20 organizations for over 50 films.



Through four-year’s hard journey on fighting and solving the industrial difficulties, AG has connected the film producers with cinemas and cinemas with its members. It has also set its layout on three platforms successfully: intelligent advertising and publishing platform, ticketing and cinema membership system, and self-owned e-commerce platform. Meanwhile, AG has also brought much energy to this industry and promoted its operation efficiency through advanced technology. It also brings more income, financial services and other derivative value-added services to the B end institutions in this chain. Moreover, the data and technology center of AG continues to make investment in the calculation and algorithm accumulation of film, cinema and users’ data.



 At present, the business of AG has covered many fields, including film development and production, marketing and publishing, cinema ticketing system and membership system, cinema thirdpartnar and so on. In the future, it will introduce more services like data marketing, internet content editing and publishing. As a creator, a publishing organization for high-quality content, an integrator of the entertainment industry and a champion for the added value of the industrial chain, AG will always be on the way of innovation and press ahead in practice.